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This October your career ambitions will take precedence over family matters as shown by the October Pisces horoscope predictions. The October horoscope predictions reveal that after the 14th of this month, your love life will be active and fulfilling. Based on the

Too much responsibility, a boring job, not enough time or a demanding boss or partner may become too much to cope with. But fated events, lucky breaks or deliberate actions will create opportunities for personal and professional growth. Your Scorpio horoscope is authentic because it is based on planetary transits to Scorpio Decan 1, not to houses, zones or sectors. January 10 to June 5 — The January 10 lunar eclipse could be emotionally challenging for some. But it gives you increased self confidence, emotional strength and intuition to protect yourself against bullies and to protect more vulnerable family members and friends.

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This eclipse favors the powerful and wealthy but also gives compassion, faith, and inspiration. All year — Neptune trine your decan brings increasing interest in spirituality and makes you more compassionate, imaginative and idealistic. You can follow a more spiritual path without giving up material comfort and security. You can connect more deeply at the spiritual level with your partner. If single, you could meet your ideal partner, a soul mate you can really connect with. Those born from November 6 to 11 will feel this transit most strongly during the Scorpio horoscope.

Those born before November 6 have already undergone their spiritual transformation in recent years. Health and vitality should be high which enables you to take full advantage of this growth spurt. You should be feeling sociable and can expect good relations with everyone. February 8 to March 4 — Jupiter sextile Neptune culminates on February 20 to bring harmony, optimism, good fortune, and growth.

Your good intentions and moral integrity make this a good time for professional advancement, business deals, and legal matters. You can be generous and grow spiritually without giving away your material possessions. June 5 to July 5 — The June 5 lunar eclipse is not a good omen for strained relationships but strong relationships will withstand the test through patience and unconditional love. Increased emotional strength and intuition will help overcome any relationship challenges. You will clearly see any relationship dynamics or negative feelings causing disharmony.

July 5 to November 30 — The July 5 lunar eclipse brings good fortune, happiness, new and influential friends, truthfulness and optimism. A more supportive home life and harmonious relationships make it easier to succeed in your outer world. This is a good eclipse to start or grow your own business, and for low-risk investment like a savings account, bonds or annuities. July 24 to October 31 — Jupiter sextile your decan sees a return of your lucky steak. Your interests and activities are likely to be broadened and this could include further study or longer distance travels.

As well as personal and spiritual growth, you could also increase your material wealth because good things are attracted to you. September 16 to October 27 — Jupiter sextile Neptune culminating again on October 2 is spiritually enlightening and gives you a good overall perspective of who you are and your place in the world.

Growth and good fortune are possible through further education, group activities, travel, and acts of kindness and charity. November 29 to December 8 — Venus in your decan is one of the best times of your Scorpio horoscope for romance, socializing, asking for favors and borrowing money. Heightened beauty, charm and sex appeal make it more likely that you will find your perfect match if dating. Shopping, investing and decorating benefit from your good fashion sense and an eye for a bargain.

Your Scorpio horoscope is authentic because it is based on planetary transits to Scorpio Decan 2, not to houses, zones or sectors. My fashion predictions for this year about conservative and rich-look apparently agrees with Paris designers. Sometimes the oracles predictions even scare me when they happen so quickly. Besides the USA, one of the three countries hit hardest this coming year by the astrological pattern is Peru.

This is also the year that launches a long period of increased natural disasters.

Control is a primary outcome especially state control. Right on time, we see an opening shot in the control wars — banning words to be used by the CDC. Astrology often does its most important work explaining what is happening rather than predicting it. The dramatic shift in attitudes about sexual harassment and all the related revelations is one example. A year ago Donald Trump was elected President in spite of revelations about repeated instances of sexual harassment.

This year, a growing list of men are seeing their lives turned to dust as the truth of their harassment is revealed. What is the difference? Jupiter is t he difference. On October 10, the planet Jupiter moved into the sign of Scorpio and sexual secrets came under the spotlight. A couple days earlier, revelations about Harvey Weinstein started the tsunami of shaming and punishment. And how long does this continue? Through December ! If everyone works very hard, that could be a long enough time to alter cultural attitudes.

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The next month should see a dramatic acceleration in truth being spoken and revealed. Be prepared. Saturn is finishing its nearly three year run in Sagittarius and making up for a slow start in its search for truth mission. My first predictions about the drug crisis that has recently been call a national emergency by President Trump came in It is connected to the transit of the planet Neptune through its home sign of Pisces.

Tragically, the transit does not end until Are there solutions besides letting the time expire? No, although efforts will produce lots of knowledge that can be useful in the future. The core issue is a search for the sacred, a desperate attempt to find meaning in life. These causes can certainly be addressed and resolved in the fight but I cannot hold out any hope of actual solutions and elimination of the problem before Not surprisingly the increasing chaos in the White House is outlined clearly by the astrology.

Unexpected outcomes and shocking upheavals continue through Weds. Have NO expectation of calm descending. And whatever actions are taken starting a couple days ago and through the month will bear this mark of chaos forever. The appointment by the Department of Justice of Robert Mueller as a special counsel to investigate everything occurred at a most fortuitous time.

It is the main positive force for the year and focuses on creative and positive solutions to large problems. Orderly change is the key phrase as Saturn in Sagittarius trines Uranus in Aries. The five-year-old country is in woeful straits as a civil war drags on. But a proposal to create a trusteeship of outside powers is meeting resistance. This type of disturbance is indicated by Uranus stationing in Aries and promises to continue in various arenas through Friday. In when this country was established, the planet Uranus was standing still in Aries.

Here we are 5 years later and that is the case. I made this prediction at the time and then a couple years later mentioned it again as war continued. I had serious pushback from someone who claimed everything was really fine, he had in-country knowledge etc. I just laughed. There is NO avoiding your stars. What to do? Let the country collapse and start over with a better star pattern. Comments on the Republican Convention.

Staying home from the convention is a wise decision. Tremendous tension between traditional establishment and tribal emotions. Secret money deals are happening. Pence and Trump are both Geminis so no weight, no solidity. Power tempts Pence during the convention. Watch Twitter.

There will certainly be flashes of ego and confidence. America will be shouted everywhere. GOP is the big loser. Its vision is shattered especially from what it once was. Deceit, low confidence, shady deals are everywhere. Nagging ego conflicts over picky details showcase the pettiness that has replaced high ideals. History will see the convention as the funeral of the GOP. As I pointed out, this year was the Saturn return for the Treaty of Rome that formed the EU and as in human lives, that cycle point requires restructuring and reinvention. If the EU is to survive in any form, it needs to use this crisis to develop something new and improved.

The immediate cosmic pattern supports ignoring the fear mongering and moving forward with reform that benefits all. The multiple happenings have me postulating a demon cloud sweeping through. Neptune is currently stationing pushing minds already highly permeable to mass madness over the edge. I saw this happen in tiny Berkeley Springs a couple years ago with a fatal and inexplicable car crash and an equally inexplicable murder happening within a couple hours in a place where both are extremely rare. The first full party Congress in North Korea in 36 years started today.

According to the stars which indicate epic conservative stuckness, there will be NO changes in policy, direction or leadership. But his style — long on gut instincts, short on briefing books — has taken a toll. Sordid does make a come back though from May Aug 2.

Fortunately for our future, Mars is once again elevated during the actual election. I started saying this in November based on the stars. In all my Oracles lectures this past winter, I mentioned Ryan was the man to watch as the only Aquarian of national prominence. Of the 44 presidents, more were born under the sign of Aquarius than any other.

Not surprisingly, a motor-mouth Gemini. Both political conventions occur in late July when Mars is in Scorpio promising wheeling and dealing in dark rooms.

Luck Prediction by Month 12222

Saudi Arabia has Pluto conjunct its Sun in , the same aspect that occurred in Syria three years ago. Right on schedule, the Saudis find themselves embroiled in an all-out confrontation with Iran over the longtime religious schism within Islam. It being India, we can assume an astrologer was consulted.

All the floods, earthquakes, landslides and fires are the darker face of Uranian disruption…. As the stars predicted, the Federal Reserve finally raised interest rates. I made this prediction a year ago and will extend the prediction saying that interest rates will continue to rise through the end of It will be nice to have a better place to put money than in shoeboxes. Syria has run into its destiny which says and I reported this in my Oracles talks for both the country and the people are to disappear. What does that mean?

ISIS is illusory, the epitome of virtual reality. There is no physical presence, no country, no capital, faceless leadership. The powers-that-be are surely confused about how to respond to something they cannot see or touch. The old forms are disappearing in every arena. Anonymous may have the best chance of actually accomplishing something with their declaration of war against ISIS.

Two interesting star related news items today. I keep telling folks, someday all those kids will be connecting mind-to-mind without even realizing they no longer are using their various devices. Since all the headlines are screaming about stock market declines in China and other challenging economic news, it seems appropriate to check with the stars.

Austerity has been introduced into the mix with Jupiter entering Virgo in mid-August and staying for the next 13 months. Benefits of all sorts will come from prudence and savings and avoidance of foolish extravagance. The short-term tumult is the shift being in motion.

Astrology for the Soul

We face the final couple weeks of Saturn in Scorpio — cleansing all that hidden, secret karma. By mid-September, Saturn enters Sagittarius for an unbroken two year stay. Vision appears and patterns begin to emerge for addressing economic austerity with something less than panic. There is an impressive 21st century future to build and it cannot occur in a healthy fashion until all eyes are focused upwards and outwards rather than on maximizing all profits in the next 24 hours or whatever short time span you choose.

Ignore the volatility.

Libra 12222 Horoscope

Settle in for the long term and keep your eye on the ultimate goal. For those who are Fed watchers and obsessed with interest rates — they will go up, they always do when Saturn is in Sag. The crisis in movement of people continues as Neptune in Pisces continues to dissolve boundaries. There is no stopping the flow. It will keep increasing for the next decade. There can be important epiphanies or advances now or a chance to take a connection or project to a new level. This is a powerful time to come in touch with your deepest ambitions and desires related to work, health, and home life, dear Leo.

The potential for breaking new ground in a work or health matter, or for discovering a real passion, is very strong now. Relationships can be passionate and intense today and tomorrow. Your stamina can be substantial, or you could find every reason today to want to build it up!

There can be a special enjoyment of, and pride in, your work, services, dedication, family life, and health pursuits. You may be seeing the more pleasing aspects of these things, possibly through the help or eyes of another.

Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

You can help this energy along by aiming to bring more harmony, beauty, or gracefulness to your work or daily routines. You can consciously work on putting yourself into a better light with excellent results today. You are motivated to share yourself more confidently with others and to get more time in to do what pleases you most. Feelings of love are magnified today and tomorrow, dear Libra, but the same may be true of anger or frustration. Embrace an attitude of out with the old and in with the new on both material and emotional or spiritual levels for best results now.

Capricorn-Gemini Compatibility

You have tremendous support for making a change for the better, particularly related to money, valuables, home, and family. This is a time for going the extra mile for something you truly want and believe in, and that may very well be an extra sense of security at the moment! This can be a day of much passion and intensity, dear Scorpio. Your words have a great impact today, and so do you! You instinctively know how to channel any excess energy effectively today and tomorrow.

A moment of truth in a love relationship can occur for some of you now. This can also happen if you are single in a different way as new insights into your relationship needs or a changing attitude towards love can emerge. There can be unusual events or news that alters your thought patterns or leads to fruitful connections. People are drawn to you magnetically now, so enjoy the attention. You may enjoy wonderful financial discoveries or the ability to make full use of a resource or talent with the ambitious, revealing energies of the day, dear Sagittarius.

You may gain new insights into your income, business, or practical affairs now. As such, this can be a real turning point moment. Look for where you may be overly attached and aim to let go even a little to get yourself in a healthier place. People tend only to see what they are prepared to confront, and today, you may open your eyes to something that you were previously unable to process fully.

You might resolve to do what you can to improve your financial picture or at least the attitude you have towards your earnings and ability to take care of yourself. This is a powerful time for drawing on your intuition and experience as well as for behind the scenes activities and strategy.

There can be a competitive, possessive, and emotional tone to these days, dear Capricorn, and it can also be a wonderful time for moving your life forward. An inherent need to change yourself or your attitude towards life is with you. Passions run high, and boundaries can be pushed.

You are discovering your own real personal power, and this may be through networking, sharing, and connecting with others. You can be a leader now. Today and tomorrow are excellent for career moves, personal epiphanies, and reputation, dear Aquarius. For some, you may be discovering a new interest or attraction, enjoying a private epiphany or experience that fills you with confidence, or going through a meaningful review of your feelings. You might draw upon your past experiences and wisdom to make career or life path moves and decisions that are more authentic and empowering.

The desire to make long-term improvements is with you now, and you have great planetary support for doing so. You seem to be attracting the right resources or people. For others, a new game plan can come to you this week. There may be recognition or reward for past actions, a pleasant surprise from the past, or good feelings and happiness experienced in your inner or private world today. Those things that leave you feeling insecure or guilt-ridden need to go, but first, their source needs to be uncovered, and this may very well happen now!

Some of you might meet a significant friend or reconnect with an old one. Keeping some of your plans to yourself or pacing yourself can be a useful strategy. This is a time for making significant, long-lasting changes that can involve friendships, group associations, publishing, travel, and belief systems. There could be a stronger focus on a relationship, partner, or potential partner. The ability to see both sides of a situation or story is a positive, but indecision can be a byproduct.

January Astrology Predictions – Part Two | Jessica Adams

This is a sociable, artistic Moon. There can be difficulty expressing tenderness, concern, or care. We are especially sensitive to subtle planes, but may not be able to make sense of what we perceive. We could be impractical just for now. You are able to make changes.

This is a feel-good time for embracing new opportunities. We are seeking out security, nurturing, and warmth, and we are more likely to express these things towards others. It can be difficult to show restraint. An indulgent, moody time. There can be some resistance and irritability. We may be over-reacting or going to extremes. Wait for the tension to subside before taking action.