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This October your career ambitions will take precedence over family matters as shown by the October Pisces horoscope predictions. The October horoscope predictions reveal that after the 14th of this month, your love life will be active and fulfilling. Based on the

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Your attention turns to your private life, your living situation, and family matters as the sun enters Libra on September You're busy getting organized at home on September 24 as Mercury connects with Jupiter, but watch out for bad attitudes or feelings of rejection on September 25 as Venus clashes with Saturn—don't plan a romantic date on this day! Important conversations take place as Mercury clashes with Pluto on September 26, urging you and your partners to discuss something difficult or hidden.

A fresh start arrives with the new moon in Libra on September 28—it's a wonderful time to energetically cleanse your home, and reconnect with your family and sense of safety and comfort. During this new moon, sweet Venus connects with lucky Jupiter, bringing blessings to your private life and everyday routine. Make time to beautify your home or entertain close friends and family.

Good luck this month, dear crab, and see you in October! Astro Guide. Sep 1 , am. After that, the Moon moves from Libra into Scorpio. Aries March April 19 A partner or close friend might say or do something that surprises you today.

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Be ready for anything. This surprise might have something to do with someone you encounter in the general public, probably a female. Keep your antennas sharp! Taurus April May 20 Something unexpected will impact your work routine today.

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Computer crashes, fire drills, staff shortages, cancelled meetings, lost paperwork — could be anything. Be smart and give yourself extra time so that you have wiggle room to deal with the unexpected. Gemini May June 20 Parents should be extra vigilant to avoid accidents or mishaps with your kids.

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Meanwhile, surprise invitations might occur today or planned social events might be changed or cancelled. Surprises related to sports events are also likely. Cancer June July 22 Something will impact your home routine today. A small appliance might break down or a minor breakage could occur. Someone unexpected might knock on your door.

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Be ready for surprising events that catch you off guard. For starters, get dressed.

Ya think? Leo July Aug.

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On the upside, you might have clever, genius -like ideas! Money: Close. With regards to money aspects, today carries great auspices. Health: Close.

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With regards to health aspects, today carries great auspices. Do's for Cancer October 10 Don'ts for Cancer October 10 Cancer Tomorrow Although you might want to communicate without words with your partner, we are only human and maybe our connections aren't as deep as we'd like them to be so you will have to ex Cancer October 11 This is going to be quite a rewarding day for you as you will probably reap the benefits of many of the things you've been struggling with in the past week.

Cancer October 12 If you are single today, then prepare for an interesting day, if you are taken then focus your interest, where you should: at home I mean.