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This October your career ambitions will take precedence over family matters as shown by the October Pisces horoscope predictions. The October horoscope predictions reveal that after the 14th of this month, your love life will be active and fulfilling. Based on the

Campion, Nicholas. USA: Routledge, Throughout the 30s, the number of newspapers running horoscope columns surged in both the US and the UK, and astrology in general began to seep into popular culture.

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This is a playful feature in Vogue about a visit to an astrologer. Vogue , The cover of American Astrology , a monthly magazine launched in One of the writers for the magazine, Dane Rudhyar, a French-born musician turned astrologist, is credited with the paragraph horoscope format, with one prediction for each sun sign.

American Astrology , This one from Vogue appeared in The leap to the paragraph format, one prediction for each sun sign, emerged in the s, just as the daily horoscope column was becoming standard newspaper practice. The model is credited to Dane Rudhyar, a French-born musician turned astrologist who championed the popular notion of sun-sign personality types hello, moody Cancers, organized Virgos, and sensitive Pisces with his book Astrology of Personality , published in Previously, horoscopes were divined by consulting all of the celestial bodies in an astrological chart, but as horoscopes became part of popular culture, so did the notion that the sun sign had interpretive significance on its own.

But another note to consider is how much this perceived audience of women has influenced horoscope writers see: chicken vs.

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Early horoscopes foretold the outcomes of war and political intrigue. How is checking your horoscopes, she wonders, more frivolous than checking sports scores? After all, which Scorpio would turn down a GIF of Taylor Swift fist-pumping at the Grammys to remind them that the time is ripe for collaborating with others? While the column was predictably popular, Bugbee found soon after the column launched that readers took the horoscopes seriously.

Reynolds, a professional astrologer with an online following.

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Trina has also urged women to get checked out "as soon as you feel something is unusual," after she waited five months before visiting a GP. It was movable. After she went to the GP she was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. The lump which was originally pea sized was now something which could no longer be ignored.

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That gut feeling is rarely wrong. However, she also urges other women to know the importance of checking your breasts and taking action as early as possible, even if they think any changes are harmless.

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Minding yourself is nothing to be ashamed of. Almost like a new lease of life. I learned that I am stronger than I give myself credit for. By Blanthin de Paor.

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Lessard, who also founded The Cosmic Sex movement, gave Bustle a lot of insight into the sex lives of each sign. Well, they would. So, read on and let the stars guide you to the best places for you to have sex. At the very least, it will give you some very interesting date-night ideas. When it comes to sex, it needs to be whenever and wherever the mood strikes! Aries are known for having a very strong, but also short-lived, sex drive," Lessard says.

Lessard says, "It's a five-senses extravaganza for Taurus , so don't even think about sex with them unless you have all the bases covered. Set up a date-night at a luxury hotel, like The Four Seasons , and go through ALL the motions from start to finish — fancy dinner with top-notch food, candles, scents are a must even if you have a signature cologne or perfume; Taurus is a sign of comfort and habits, so you can train them to feel cozy with you if you continuously wear the same scent , plus thread count sheets and some sensual music and be ready for hours of love-making, because Taurus want tons of foreplay before you even get close to the major action.

It'll definitely be a long night. They're the butterflies of the zodiac. There should be dirty talk involved starting with some naughty texts throughout the day will guarantee a fun night and having sex in a place like the living room floor littered with pillows of various sizes you never know what you'll need and different angles are a necessity! Gemini also gets bored quickly, so it might be helpful to download the latest Kama Sutra app on your phone and store it nearby to keep things fresh!

Tell them how beautiful and sexy they are and once they let down their guard, they can be some of the most erotic and kinky lovers out there! Spontaneity is great for Cancers once they trust you, so after you've done your homework and gotten past the hard outer shell, go for an impromptu sex date by setting the mood.

Bring them out to a nice dinner, then as soon as you walk in the door, press them up against the wall and strip off their clothes. Do it in the hallway or on the kitchen counter! Leos are known for their dramatic behavior and love of the spotlight. Leos aren't shy and they want a lot of attention. Did I mention a LOT?