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This October your career ambitions will take precedence over family matters as shown by the October Pisces horoscope predictions. The October horoscope predictions reveal that after the 14th of this month, your love life will be active and fulfilling. Based on the

But actually, this is not true, because most of the time sun-sun compatibility has little importance - no more than giving a general vibe that the relationship would give off.

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Instead, we should really focus on connecting energies between two charts. Read my post here about how compatibility really works. Here are some common connections that indicate attraction between two people. These are not the only indicators of attraction there are many more involving asteroids or other points , but they are the most common ones involving personal planets. And also, having any of these connections does not guarantee a relationship will work out - they just give an indication of a strong connection between two people.

Having too many of these could potentially make a relationship overwhelming, while having only one might not be enough to keep a relationship going. Aries kind of love - the kind that sweeps you off your feet by the sheer speed of it, the kind that will transform nighttime from a time of sleep to a time of adventures, the kind that will leave you breathless from the aggressiveness, from the unabashed, unfiltered desire and passion it brings, the kind that feels like nobody can ever touch you two.

Gemini kind of love - the kind of love full of laughter and wit, the kind of laughter where tomorrow has no promise except for one another, where every part of you is matched by your partner, the kind of love with eyes staring at you in endless fascination, the kind of love where you create your very own languages of inside jokes and references; the love that will never suffocate you.

Virgo kind of love - the kind of love of devotion to the tiniest details, the kind where they buy you the gift you mentioned offhandedly eight months ago, the kind of love that brings breakfast in bed without question, the kind that will memorize your favorite way to be stroked on the back, the kind of love that will know you down to the deepest layers of your self. Sagittarius kind of love - the kind of love where you never have to be alone in your head again, the do some silly pose in front of the cameras of a rollercoaster kind of love, the kind of love where they would shoot down a star for you, the kind of love that must have some element of mystical, the kind of love that began when the stars were born and will last until they die.

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Capricorn kind of love - the kind of love that would build you a home with their own hands just so every single one of your dreams was fulfilled, the kind of love that will stand besides you through hell and brimstone, the kind of love that will promise you everything and give it all, the love that is so empowering that even if it ends you never forget how they uplifted you. Aries: They gave their complete energy and soul to you. They were burned down and left cold you left them alone and you killed their sprit to the core.

Taurus: So gently they gave you all the love they had. Gemini: They finally opened up to you and let you know all their secrets and fluorescent thoughts. You never really cared to listen though you left them feeling alone and lost you made them feel unimportant. Cancer: They trusted you and finally gave everything to you. You left them when they needed you the most. Leo: They wanted to give you the world. You made them think that there was something they were always lacking. You made them feel small. Libra: They only ever loved you and they only ever really liked your company.

Their eyes lit up when they saw you. Scorpio: You made them want to never look at anyone again with intentions of loving them. You marked them and you took away that spark in their eyes. You stole their happiness. Capricorn: You watched the light escape their eyes. You watched them leave and never come back.

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You let them die for your own good. Aquarius: They begged you to stay one last time. You broke them and they still stayed. You told them they were never gonna be the one.

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Pisces: You broke their spirit. Made them feel bad for being the one broken. You watched them bleed their heart for you. You saw the sparkle in their eyes fade to dark. Aries: They actually have a really big soft spot for animals and always go out of their way to help them in need, especially with dogs.

This bond with animals makes up for the lack of communication they have with humans. Taurus: People often underestimate their drive for their passions, and once they get really into something, they strive to be the best, often achieving their goal. However, their drive can leave them feeling isolated. Gemini: Even though they seem very wild and quick moving they also love to settle down and just have a long brunch with deep conversations.

Cancer: Though on the outside they can put up a facade of being put together so they can tend to others needs, they can fall apart and really appreciate when someone takes the time and cares for them for once. Leo: Horoscopes usually portray them as extremely outgoing and energetic, however once in a while they need to be alone, as everything starts getting chaotic if they never take a break. They value this time, yet can leave them feeling alone. Virgo: Wants to have fun more than people think they do.

Libra: Their need to have a relationship often gets in their way of self-reflection, as instead of spending time on their selves they throw themselves into trying to help and tend to other people. Yet, they recognize this and slowly become more independent. Scorpio: They have contradicting emotionally of wanting to become close to people, but also wanting to keep space as they wish to not get hurt.

This can strain their relationships with people, yet once they let go and fully trust people they can experience pure happiness. Breaking this cycle is vital for them, and as they mature they realize self love is what they need.

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Capricorn: Frequently, they want to follow social expectations and try to change themselves or their image to what they think people want to see. However, once they are truly themselves they find their true friends and are able to happy. Pisces: Due to their world being hectic, they often find refuge in friends, yet have a hard time breaking down their barriers and sharing their raw emotions. Doing this will lead to an unbreakable bond.

How to tell if a sign likes you check your Venus sign. Asks you a million questions, just wanting to know everything about you. Genuinely and openly worries about your well-being. Gemini: talks about the silliest things in the world with you, for like two hours non-stop. Invites you everywhere. Cancer: acts goofy and cares so much about what you think of them. Leo: insists to hang out with you, introduces you to their friends, compliments you and pays extra attention to what you say. Tries to help you with everything no matter how busy they are.

Scorpio: stares at you endlessly and wants to talk to you all the time, asks the most random questions about your life, shares private stuff with you. Sagittarius: makes you laugh endlessly, makes plans with you, makes an effort to be with you and might even neglect their friends. None know physical sensitivity quite like a Virgo, and no one studies the human body quite like a Virgo. They want to know what turns you on and off, and they'll execute it with precision.

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Scorpio: Scorpio, the seducer, will give you what you want to get what Scorpio needs - which is everything. Nothing is taboo, but Scorpio lovers are anything but showoffs. Capricorn: BDSM, clandestine affairs, and secret lovers suit Capricorn just fine, because sex gives them a private place to be vulnerable, be human and be wild.

They may come off as cool and aloof, but this Earth sign is a sensual creature full of lust and fantasies that would make even Scorpio blush, and they want someone they can trust through commitment or contract to live out these kinky fantasies with. On the outside this power couple appears to be on a mission, and they will work hard to achieve worldly success.

But behind closed doors, they live in a world of sensuality and sexual expression where anything goes.

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But it seems monogamy may not be on the cards for this quirky pairing. The electricity they generate attracts friends from all walks of life,' she said.

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A romantic partnership between Gemini and Aquarius is a true meeting of the minds, but Kelli revealed both signs may seek more than one lover stock image. If so, Cancer and Pisces never want to wake up — or get out of bed, for that matter. According to Kelli, these signs are born partners because they love a good time.

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Leo and Sagittarius make a fiery, passionate pair who love to argue and are prone to public displays of affection stock image. These earthy signs appreciate the finer things in life and enjoy someone to appreciate them with. They create a breezy love that accepts each other exactly as they are, never letting jealousy get in the way. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Is your partner right for you? Astrology expert reveals the most compatible star signs in the zodiac - and those that are BEST in the bedroom Finding the perfect partner is easier said than done nowadays Australian astrologer Kelli Fox revealed which star signs are most compatible Adventurous signs Aries and Sagittarius make a powerfully physical pair Curious Gemini and inquisitive, quirky Aquarius match on an intellectual level Capricorn and Virgo are an outwardly driven but privately sensual duo By Alice Murphy For Daily Mail Australia Published: BST, 6 September Updated: BST, 6 September e-mail 64 shares.

Share this article Share. What signs are the best in the bedroom? Poll What star sign are you most attracted to? What star sign are you most attracted to? Read more: Home astrology. Share or comment on this article: The most compatible love matches in the zodiac - and which star signs have the best sex e-mail Comments Share what you think.

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